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About Us

STS SWISS TRANSFER SYSTEM SA is the Owner of “The Father of Wallets” system. The platform allows to provide the account for the User to buy and redeem The Father of Wallets’ Voucher for services and goods offered by the STS Swiss Transfer Partners.

STS SWISS TRANSFER SYSTEM SA was founded in 2019 in Switzerland with registry address: Rue du Cendrier 17, 1201 Geneve in Switzerland and with registration number: CHE-323.489.978.

In December 2020 our company obtained a license of Financial Intermediary and become a member of Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) under civil law as a way of preventing money laundering according to The Anti-Money Laundering Act.

SROs are subject to supervision by FINMA, which recognizes and monitors us. SROs must report any organizational changes to FINMA. Monitoring SRO: ARIF – Association Romande Des Intermediaries Financiers with headquarters in Rue de Rive 8, 1204 Genève, Switzerland.

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