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The difference between redeem and transfer The Father of Wallets voucher

  • Transfer – allows you to transfer the value of the voucher, or its part to another user without changing its currency.

    I have a voucher in the amount of 50 EUR and I want to send 25 EUR to a member of my family account and 25 EUR to my friend account, so I will do 2 transfers.
    Vouchers of the amount EUR 25 will be added to the accounts of users receiving the transfer.
    Receiving users later decide which redeem method they want to use the voucher.

    The transfer can only be made to user accounts registered in the system.
  • Redeem – allows you to use a voucher amount to transfer it to the others systems processing.
    Indicated user account of the recipient during the process:
    • Your account e.g. if you received a voucher as a gift card (has been transferred to you),
    • Another user account already existing in the system,
    • New user account – in which you are the initiator of its creation in the system.

      In the redeem process, if the currency of the voucher is different than the currency of the redeem method, it will be automatically converted into the currency of the redeem method.

I use the voucher in EUR currency for the redeem Retrait Cash in XOF currency, EUR currency will be converted to XOF currency.

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